Facebook Hoax Claims Users Must Now Pay For Membership

Facebook Scam

Facebook users around the world are being hit with a new scam that claims the social network is turning into a pay for use service.

The hoax claims that members can pay for gold, silver and bronze memberships at a cost of $9.99, $6.99 and $3.99. The hoax then says free service can be obtained by simply copying and pasting the message into the users Facebook wall.

The hoax then claims that users who do not pay or copy and paste the message will have their account suspended the next time they sign-on to the social network.

The message further claims that copying and pasting the message will turn the users icon blue to how their continued support for the network of 1+ billion users.

Despite numerous statements from Facebook in the past in which the network has promised to never charge customers for basic use the hoax continues to spread.

Users should quickly notice that the message is a fake when their icon doesn’t turn blue. Furthermore why Facebook would setup a payment system where every single user could just copy and paste a message to remain with free access seems silly.

In the meantime not all of Facebook is free, promoting fan page posts, even promoting photos for more pageviews now costs money.



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  1. It does seem a bit silly doesn't it Christopher. I thought the same thing as I was writing the article. There was actually an interesting study about nigerian email scams a while back, it turns out scammers make their online scams really transparent because they know only the dumbest people will fall for them and it's easier to get more money out of dump people down the road.