Twitter Celebrates 7th Birthday

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Seven years ago today the internet was introduced to Twitter.

It was March 21, 2006, when creator Jack Dorsey sent out the world’s first Tweet. And wouldn’t you know, he misspelled the company name…

… Ok, so maybe he was just showing off the internet’s new short hand language. The point is, Twitter was born.

Over the course of 7 years the company has gone to a mystifying enterprise that no one really understood to an integral part of millions of people’s lives.

In 2008, the company announced that more than 1 billion tweets had been sent. Less than a year later, the company hit 5 billion tweets. Twitter terms started seeping through into the news and in July 2009 “Tweet” officially became both a noun and a verb.

Twitter has facilitated communication between regular folks (including William Shatner) and the International Space Station. It has become a public forum for political discussion and even sparked a revolution. The services is used by celebrities to clear up scandals, sports teams to update on injuries, and popes (including this pope) to communicate instantly with millions of people around the world.

Twitter now has 200 million active users who are sending more than 400 million tweets per day.

Here’s a look back at the first 7 years of Twitter.

What do you use Twitter for?



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