Alien Sighting Confirmed: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Posts Photo From International Space Station

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station has made an earth shattering discovery: Space is full of aliens. Chris Hadfield posted an image of the bizarre creature to the internet. The two dimensional character has bright red eyes, a single antenna and is reportedly a very inquisitive being. Not much is known about the alien but it is rumored that the creature is slightly anti-social, extremely generous and has an unhealthy obsession with cats.

In addition to posting the first confirmed photo of an alien, Hadfield also took plenty of questions from the Reddit community.

Here are some highlights from Hadfield’s AMA.

  • On sleeping: I love sleeping weightless. No mattress, no pillow, no sore shoulder, no hot spots. Just relax every muscle in your body and drift off to sleep.
  • On his scariest moment aboard the ISS: I watched a large meteorite burn up between me and Australia, and to think of that hypersonic dumb lump of rock randomly hurtling into us instead sent a shiver up my back.
  • On what space smells like: The vacuum of space has no smell, but when we come in from a spacewalk the airlock smells like ozone, or gunpowder. It likely comes from the gentle offgassing of the outer metal and fabric of our suits.
  • On the biggest danger in space: The biggest danger is launch – all that power and acceleration. Once we survive that, it’s just a steady threat of radiation, meteorite impacts, and vehicle system failure like fire or ammonia breakthrough.

Hadfield has frequently use Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to connect with his friends and family back on earth. Hadfield said that the internet connection (his laptop connects via satellite relay to a server in Houston which is hooked up through a computer to the internet) is too slow to do video but it’s fast enough for social media sites like Twitter.

Here are some of the photos that Hadfield has beamed back to earth.

He even sent a Valentine from space.

You can check out Hadfield’s Reddit AMA here.

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