Tool Converts Google Analytics Stats Into Infographics Tool Converts Google Analytics Stats Into Infographics

Not everyone is a metrics nerd. Looking a Google Analytics is sexy for some of us. For others, traffic data is a fast-acting sedative.

Infographics distill a lot of data into a graphic to make it easier for more people to consume and understand. just released a new tool that generates an infographic based on your website traffic. It automatically turns Google Analytics data into a visually appealing infographic will all the essential information about a site’s performance.

Most infographics are created to share information with the public.’s analytics tool is a little different. It’s designed to be used within an organization. marketing manager Tal Siach recommends sharing an analytics inforgraphic internally with the whole team so that everyone understands how a site has performed in a week. In fact, the tool can be set to automatically deliver a new Google Analytics infographic every week.

The weekly report shows improvement or decline in pageviews compared to previous weeks. It lets you know the percentage of new visitors compared to returning visitors. It shows how many pages a visitor saw, and how much time the average visitor spent on the site. It shows how much traffic came from Facebook, Twitter, and search. Finally, the infographic provides a summary of all that data.

Colors change on each report bassed on whether or not data is positive or negative.


“We tried to go with something that will be generalized and appeal to a variety of players – including webmasters, bloggers, writers, managers and people in the organization as a whole.”

Analytics can serve as an important motivator for a team working together to make a website more relevant and engaging to its audience. It’s only as useful, though, when everyone on the team can understand the data.’s new infographics tool makes Google Analytics make sense to the whole team.

Via Launches Tool to Turn Your Google Analytics Stats into an Infographic

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