Instagram URL Glitch Causes Twitter, Facebook Link Outage

Instagram URL issue messes up photo posting on Facebook and Twitter

Instagram on Thursday experienced a temporary outage on Twitter and Facebook after its URL shortener experienced some technical difficulties. Users clicking on links from Twitter and Facebook were greeted with a “photo not found” message.

Several users quickly realized that using the full name allowed for photos to be discovered.

Facebook rolled out a quick fix for the issue but many users are still waiting for their links to work. Changes could take a while to arrive since the company must wait for DNS servers to propagate across the internet.

Speaking to The Verge an Instagram employee says the issue is being fixed as quickly as possible:

“We were making improvements to our domain management, and there were a few technical issues in the migration.”

Instagram is no stranger to outages, the company also lost service along with Pinterest and Netflix after a power outage occurred at the location of its main backbone provider.

Since being picked up by Facebook for an early report of $1 billion the Instagram network has grown to more than 100 million users across the Android and iOS platform base. Recently Instagram began allowing users to browse photos from their desktop and notebook devices. Users can still only post photos directly from Instagram.



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