Twitter Adding Photo Filters To Mobile App [Report]

Twitter is looking to take on Instagram, according to a new report from The New York Times, which details plans to add photo filters to the iOS and Android app. This could potentially make a huge impact on Instagram since Twitter is one of the most popular social networks where photos are shared to.

In the report, Twitter says they plan on upgrading their mobile applications within a few months to include filters for photos that can be applied within the app and without having to go through another app.

Sources from within Twitter itself were asked that their names not be shared since discussing unannounced projects is a big violation of privacy. When The New York Times asked Twitter, Carolyn Penner, a spokeswomen, declined to comment.

Although there are numerous jokes surrounding Instagram, millions of people use it every single day, and it receives more daily active mobile users than Twitter itself, representing a potential threat.

The web and mobile web are becoming more and more visual with photos, not just videos, at the forefront. Adding filters to the official Twitter apps will be welcomed by many, and according to one employee, celebrities and media personalities would especially enjoy adding filters to their photos.



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