TweetMeMe To Shut Down Oct. 1, Team To Focus On DataSift

TweetMeMe Twitter Aggregation

Before the Twitter button took over most website sharing options the company TweetMeMe helped usher in the era of socially aggregated sharing. On Wednesday CEO Nick Halstead announced that he was shuttering the service effective October 1.

According to Halstead the success of DataSift, a social data collection agency that grew out of TweetMeMe led to his firms decision to close TweetMeme. DataSift currently counts 10,000 users among its base of operations and it now operates physical offices in 4 cities. DataSift has also attracted $14 million in investments.

According to Halstead:

“We will be sad to see TweetMeme go, but it is no longer competitive or cost effective for us to continue to keep the infrastructure going behind it.”

TweetMeMe itself had grown out of the now-defunct According to Halstead it was those services and the billions of requests per day they served that allowed his team to understand data collection on a higher level, an understanding that eventually led to DataSift.

The biggest advantage to TweetMeMe at the time of its reign was its ability to quickly find and display real-time Tweet numbers, an area Twitter had suffered with.

If the TweetMeme button if still being used on your website it will be automatically switched over to the official Twitter button.

Since its launch TweetMeMe has been installed on 500,000 websites with more than 1.5 billion buttons.



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