Facebook Groups Now Feature Dropbox Integration

Facebook Groups Add Dropbox Integration Feature

Facebook is now allowing users to share files directly to Facebook Groups using Dropbox.

The new integration could be especially helpful for groups who are trying to work on projects in which several people need access to available data. Because edits are shared directly back to the group collaboration becomes a breeze.

According to Facebook:

“When the owner of the file makes updates, those updates will also be shared back to the group. And, just like other posts to Facebook Groups, people can like or comment on the content.”

Outside of group collaborations the program can also be used for “family Groups” who want to share photos and videos, study groups who need to collaborate their notes and for various other groups.

Shareable files include documents, photos and video which can all be viewed on computer, mobile and smartphone devices.

The new Dropbox integration arrives just four months after Facebook rolled out file sharing of its own. The Facebook file sharing program allows for files up to 25MB in size and excludes music and .exe files.

If you want to add files to the Dropbox integration on Facebook just click the “Add File” button and then link your Dropbox account (or create a new one) to the Facebook Group.

Facebook is slowly rolling out Dropbox starting today.



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