Trump Supporter Launches ‘Build the Wall’ Fundraiser; Raises $4 Million In 3 Days

Build the Wall
Photo by GoFundMe/Brian Kolfage

A lack of priorities is one of the biggest problems on Earth. There are plenty of urgent problems in the world right now like climate change, hunger, poverty, and war. Yet people want to make efforts for other relatively less urgent matters, such as a wall that would keep out Mexicans. A campaign was even started in its name, called “Build the Wall” and it has raised $4 million.


Now, back up a bit. Wasn’t “that wall” supposed to be paid for by Mexico? Also, last we checked, Donald Trump was requesting $18 billion for the wall. Well, it seems that some Americans just can’t wait, hence a GoFundMe campaign was launched to “Build the Wall.”


It was initiated by a man named Brian Kolfage who apparently, is a “verified blue check Facebook page as a public figure and a Purple Heart Recipient triple amputee veteran.” The goal? To raise enough money for assistance in funding that $18 billion required for the wall and also to help Trump “Make America Great Again.”


They also have raised more than $4+ million and it’s probably a lot higher than that once you have read this. In fact, we had to constantly change that number because the donations are pouring in rapidly and piles up by the minute. The said campaign was initiated just a few days ago on December 16 and it is already that $4 million mark with a goal of $1 billion.

Some remain cynical at the absurd “Build the Wall” campaign while others are… well:

There’s your proof that humans can actually fix society’s problems by working together, it’s just that some prefer to build walls instead.

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