Time Traveler From Year 2030 Claims To Know Who Will Replace Trump As President

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Ever since US President Donald Trump somehow won back in 2016, more or less half of the US and some parts of the world has been looking forward to one thing: the end of his term. Unless he runs for re-election, goodness forbid– a lot of us has been looking forward to the end of such a nightmare. Still, a “time traveler” might have all the answers as he claims to know who will be the next president.


A time traveler who calls himself Noah (sorry Whovians, not this time) has been making rounds on the internet lately. For he has claimed to know exactly what is going to happen in the White House. That is because he appears to be originally from the year 2030 and got stuck in our current timeline after traveling to the past last year.


Unfortunately, Noah claims to have seen it all and that Trump will win again in 2020. Even worse, Trump will stay in power up until 2028. If anything, Noah is more like a doomsday prophesizer than a time traveler.


However, soon after that period of political armageddon, Noah has claimed that a 21-year-old Yolanda Renee King (granddaughter of Martin Luther King) will win the office and replace Trump through some amendment which will lower the legal age of presidential candidates. The answers you seek are all compiled in a paranormal YouTube channel which takes itself too seriously.

Additionally, Noah has also claimed that aliens would also be present in 2030… as in, extraterrestrial life outside of Earth, not the ones the Trump administration has been violently keeping out of the US border. Regrettably, no one asked Noah the most important questions during the interview: what the hell is he on and where do we get some?

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