Even Real Witches Now Hate Trump Due To His ‘Witch Hunt’ Talk

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US President Donald Trump does talk a lot, too much even, and he is bound to step on some toes. Not surprising, really, considering the number of people he ends up offending in the past. This time around, he has offended a new group: real witches. All because of a certain negative connotation he put to the words ‘witch hunt.’


Well, technically, it is just one group of witches living in Washington, US. Still, it was a witch community called Firefly House. According to David Salisbury, one of the real witches, “many are mad, and the rest are rolling their eyes,” in their witch community. It seems Trump regarding probes and investigations of him and his cabinet as a ‘witch hunt’ is causing problems for real witches.


The witch hunt was a dark and murderous period in the history of real witches. It took place around the end of the 17th century where suspected wicca practitioners were tortured and killed by the church. Now, for Trump to compare probes against him to the real witches’ darkest history is apparently hurtful to them and even to other witches.


The community then compared the demonization of their kind to Trump’s attacks on marginalized people, seeing that they are marginalized themselves too. Real witches have actually done something about that as early as a year ago where they promised to cast a spell on Trump each month. However, Kitty Randall, a member of the said witch community, revealed that they have elected to not use magic against Trump.

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