Trump Accuses Social Media of “Discriminating” Against Conservatives

Trump Accuses Social Media of "Discriminating" Against Conservatives

It looks like Alex Jones has at least one friend on the internet. Yesterday, Donald Trump weighed in on the current debate regarding social media and censorship, particularly the blocking of alt-right radio host Jones from various social media platforms.

Tweeting from his Bedminister resort in New Jersey, the President declared that “social media is discriminating against conservative/Republican voices” that are “speaking loudly for the Trump administration,” before accusing CNN and MSNBC of being the real purveryors of fake news.

The 72-year-old’s comments come after several social media platforms banned Jones and his conspiracy theory website InfoWars, including Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple. At first Twitter refused to ban Jones, claiming he hadn’t breached any of their guidelines. However, he has since been temporarily suspended for a video threatening journalists with guns.

Tech giants have been working to cull the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories on their platforms, as well as racist and sexist content. In the past Jones has stated that the Sandy Hook massacre and 9/11 were hoaxes, amongst other bogus claims, landing him in hot water.

Jones has since said that removing his content is censorship, and released a video statement claiming that there is “an attack on our birthright of free speech” and that “all nationalists and all conservatives are being shadowbanned and dialled down to nothing.”

However, social media organisations claim they aren’t trying to hinder free speech, just restrict offensive content.

Responses to the President’s most recent Twitter outburst were mixed.

Some weren’t convinced by the tirade

Whereas a few seemed to agree with his stance

One user claimed the reason there was more anti-Trump tweets on the thread than pro was because of Twitter censorship

While other users pointed out the hypocrisy of complaining about social media on social media

Trump Accuses Social Media of "Discriminating" Against Conservatives

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