This Island Can Be Yours For Less Than The Price Of A House


Have you ever wanted to own your very own island, but don’t have a private island budget? Look no further than Inishdooney Island, a private Irish island. The piece of paradise is on the market and is priced at £140,000, a little over 213,000 USD. The price is surprisingly low. In fact, the Daily Mail reports the price is £50,000 less than a normal house in the UK.


Inishdooney is absolutely breathtaking. Located off the northwest of North Ireland, the land is actually a string of small islands which consists of 94 acres of uninhabited land. Inishdooney also has a freshwater pond, tunnel caves and pebble beaches. It even boasts its own ruins.

We know what you’re thinking, there has to be a catch. There is one minor detail, Inishdooney is only accessible by boat or helicopter during suitable weather.


The island is listed on the market by Vladi Private Islands. The realtor in charge of this listing, Pedro Arez, says this is a once in a lifetime deal.

“This is a very exciting private island. It’s in a very remote area and can only be accessed by boat or helicopter when the weather conditions are right. It contains the ruins of old buildings and a freshwater pond which is perfect for people wanting to keep livestock on the island. Nature lovers will feel right at home on Inishdooey Island. People who travel to the island will have a real adventure.”

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