Articles written by Amanda Peterlin

Anna Kendrick Shares Her Shower Thoughts, Hilarious Follow Up To Nick Offerman [Watch]

Nick Offerman’s shower thoughts was one of the most wonderful videos to grace the internet with it’s presence. Thank you, Mashable, for the beautiful 1:27 video. Watch below: If you wondered what the female version of that video would look like.. Glamour Magazine heard your own thoughts and answered it with Anna Kendrick’s rendition of […]

Guy Can Throw Things Into Other Things, Viral Video Stuns Viewers [Watch]

What kind of sorcery is this. How can this dude chuck a knife behind him and have it land directly into the knife holder. Or just casually throw a plate into the dishwasher and it bounces and sticks straight up as if he placed it in there. After this video starts, you’ll probably think it […]

Child Abduction Prank, YouTuber JoeySalads Conducts Social Experiment [Video]

Stranger Danger. How well do you think your child knows that term and then what to do if a stranger approaches them? Youtuber JoeySalads wanted to test this Stranger Danger idea and conduct a social experiment about child abduction at a local park. This is a great video for all parents to see and even watch […]