Child Abduction Prank, YouTuber JoeySalads Conducts Social Experiment [Video]

Stranger Danger. How well do you think your child knows that term and then what to do if a stranger approaches them?

Youtuber JoeySalads wanted to test this Stranger Danger idea and conduct a social experiment about child abduction at a local park. This is a great video for all parents to see and even watch with their children.

First, JoeySalads goes up to the parent and asks for permission to speak with their child. Then with his dog, goes up to the child and says hello, then enticing them with more puppies in a different area, asks the child if he/she would like to see more puppies.

Every kid fails the test.  Which is a huge surprise for all the parents. Afterwards, JoeySalads stays behind with the parents as they tell their child why that is not okay and why strangers cannot be trusted.

Watch below:

One share can save a life. His Facebook upload has been viewed over 22 million times and has been shared over a million times.

Now there are some factors that can influence the result of this experiment. Like if the child say their parent talking to the man, they may think he is a friend and it is okay to talk to them. Or what would have happened if JoeySalads was by himself and not with a dog. Regardless, this is still an eye-opening video and something to discuss with all kids!

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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