Gifts Pour In For New Cambridge Princess


Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess of Cambridge, fourth in line to the throne, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, has no idea yet but the world has begun sending the loveliest gifts her way. It may take some time for her to begin to enjoy or appreciate them, but it’s really the thought that counts.

Australia was one of the first countries to come bearing a warm, cozy blanket made from the purest Tasmanian merino wool, created at Waverly Woollen Mills, Australia’s oldest weaving mill.”On behalf of the Government and the people of Australia, a gift will be dispatched to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark the birth of the new princess,” Prime Minister Tony Abbot announced. “The blanket will be embroidered with the Australian floral emblem – the wattle – by members of the ACT Embroiderers’ Guild.”

In addition, Abbot disclosed that they will be donating $10,000 to a sanctuary for the endangered mountain pygmy possum in Victoria. This donation will support research and aid the captive breeding program of Mountain Pygmy possums at Healesville Sanctuary. With a dwindling population of 2,000 possums in the wild, this donation will be a big help to ensure the survival of this unique red-list species.

To clarify, the princess did not get an actual mountain pygmy possum.

Meanwhile, true to form, New Zealand has decided to send woolen baby items and a teddy bear. The New Zealand Defense force will fire a 21-gun salute from Point Jerningham in Wellington midday today in honor of the little princess.  “This newest member of our royal family will spend her whole life working for New Zealand and fifteen other countries,” Monarchy New Zealand chairman Dr Sean Palmer said. “She may never be Queen of New Zealand but will serve countless good causes like her parents.”

Photo c/oMiranda Abraham

The Ottawa Branch of the Monarchist League of Canada is sending a truly unique gift: a pair of cozy sealskin mukluks. Member Peter Kucherepa chirps, “It’s the quintessential Canadian gift, and it’s a gift of high utility for a baby — to keep their little toesies warm!” the group also celebrated an advanced baby shower in honor of the princess about a month ago, and are contemplating another party in her honor.

Watch the public’s first glimpse of the little princess here:

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