Write An Essay, Win a Goat Farm


Do you enjoy writing essays? Fancy living on a farm? With goats? If you answered Yes to all three questions, it’s time to limber up those writing muscles, because you could literally win yourself a goat farm.

A goat farm. With actual goats, facilities, some startup cash, and a cozy little home. Oh, and a guardian dog, too.

The owners, Leslie and Paul Spell had a difficult time selling their farm to potential buyers, as most of them said they simply couldn’t afford it. So they decided then and there to give it as a prize to anyone who could write them a stirring essay on why they they are the best choice to continue the time-honored tradition of goat farming and goat cheese-making.

Goatfarm1The farm itself, located in Elkmont, Alabama, is 20 acres huge and comes with facilities such as a milking room and a cheese plant. The home is a cozy 3BR1.5Bath at 1,500 square feet. The goats comprise of 55 does, 1 breeder buck, and of course the aforementioned guard dog, so you’re pretty much ensured to have a whole lot of goat on your hands.

Entering the essay-writing contest will need you to submit an entry form you can download off their website, plus a $150 submission fee. With the predicted numbers, the Spell couple hope to come up with enough money to pay off the rest of their mortgage, with enough money to make a goodly sum as startup cash for the winners.

Hey, a farm — and a home – valued at $350,000, and completely mortgage free? And all that for a song? (Okay, so not exactly a song, an essay.) Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

It may not be all Sunnybrook Farm at first, but take heart. Mrs. Spell says,”Not to say they [the winners] won’t have struggles or stuff to figure out, but they are going to start with a product that has a following.” Plus, they’ll be happy to train anyone who isn’t experienced in making goat cheese. New life skill to learn!

Contest entries wil be accepted from May 1 to October 1, 2015, so best get writing now.

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