Kristen Wiig Does ‘Tonight Show’ Interview As Daenerys Targaryen From ‘Game Of Thrones’

When is the last time Kristen Wiig went on ‘The Tonight Show’ (or before when Jimmy Fallon was ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’) and did an interview as herself? A very long time!

She has done a surprise interview as Michael Jordan, a planned yet hilarious interview as Harry Styles from ‘One Direction’, and now she can add Daenerys Targaryen, aka the new Khaleesi, From ‘Game Of Thrones.’

The actual actress behind this role, Emilia Clarke, instagrammed her stamp of approval today:

Based on the ‘The Tonight Show’ Facebook thread comments, it doesn’t seem like this one was as big of a hit as her past two non-Kristen Wiig appearances. But that could be a result of people not realizing Wiig does this interviews not knowing anything about the person, show, or band she is impersonating. That is the best part.

‘Daenerys Targaryen’ talks about everything from her favorite food, her dragon named ‘Carl’, and how she doesn’t know anything about movies but loves the actress Kristen Wiig. Best part, Kristen was actually there to promote her newest film “Welcome to Me” and Fallon ends up showing a clip.

The film follows a “mentally unbalanced lottery winner (Kristen Wiig) goes off her medication, buys a talk show and uses it as a platform to broadcast her bizarre opinions on a wide variety of topics.”

Check out this hilariously awkward interview below!

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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