Bunnies Swarm Around Tourist On Japan’s ‘Rabbit Island’ [Video]

Rabbit Island Bunnies Chase Woman


A woman named Yu Yu Lam posted a clip of herself being pursued by adorable, very friendly bunnies while on a visit to Japan’s so-called Rabbit Island. The spit of land’s real name is Ōkunoshima and is home to a massive population of wild rabbits — but you wouldn’t know they were wild if you went there.

The island was once the location of a secret chemical weapons facility the Imperial Japanese Army Institute of Science and Technology set up in 1925. Japan was a signatory on the Geneva Protocol, which banned the use of chemical warfare, so the country set up the test facility in secret and even removed Ōkunoshima off the map.

At the end of the war, the facility was shut down and Allied Occupation Forces burned, dumped, and buried the remaining gas. Now the island boasts a hotel, six-hole golf course, and a small camping ground. Oh, and the rabbits. Hunting the fuzzy, hopping creatures is prohibited and cats and dogs aren’t allowed on the island.

While there are several videos of visits to Rabbit Island on YouTube, the one uploaded by Yu Yu Lam went viral this week, because who doesn’t love a stampede of bunnies? But don’t worry, these fluffy little creatures aren’t from Monty Python, so there’s no reason to fear for your life. Just your carrots.

[Image: YouTube]

Melissa Stusinski
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