“This Is Why Mom Doesn’t Love You!” Brother’s Prank Goes Viral [Video]

prank gone wrong

The Jackman houselhold must be full of chaos, especially if this video is what they would consider a harmless sibling prank. Warning, the language in the video may be offensive.

The footage shows a brother sneaking up on another male member of the family and shooting a gun in the air. The other brother falls off the couch in fear and yells, “This is why mom doesn’t f***ing love you!” The shooter just laughs.

Now, we aren’t condoning playing with guns, but it looks like he is only shooting blank shots.

Uploaded to YouTube, the video’s comments range from praise to criticism. Most mention the fact of how wrong that prank could of went if he was indeed shooting a loaded gun.

The video is quickly garnering views with the description, “When redneck pranks go wrong.”

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