Johnny Depp Pays A Visit To Queensland Dressed As Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp in Queensland

You would think Johnny Depp would keep a low profile in Australia due to his recent legal trouble. On the contrary, Depp is making more headlines in Queensland, where is continuing to film his latest movie. The actor was spotted walking around South East Queensland dressed as Captain jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

He drew such attention that even the local police wanted to take selfies with him.

Fans spotted the Pirates Of The Caribbean ship, The Black Pearl on Raby Bay and flocked to meet their favorite pirate. This fan was so excited she ran out to meet the actor in her pajamas.

Johnny Depp Queensland
[Photo credit: Kaylynn Ludwig]

Kaylynn Ludwig said the 51-year-old actor was extremely nice to her and her daughter, stopping to shake their hands and take a picture.

Despite having his dogs deported back to America due to quarentine laws, Depp politely visited with fans, police officers and all.

Heading off for a full day of filming, Depp waded through the crowd of fans. He dazzled them with his his humor and quick wit. Despite sharing that he hasn’t slept in days, filming will continue for several more days.

Depp is currently in Australia to film the latest installment of The Pirates Of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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