Motorist Given Ticket After Driving With A Car Full Of Bees

Car Full of bees
[Photo credit: Montana Highway Patrol]

One Montana State Trooper has an unusual story to tell about the time he pulled over a car and realized the driver had a car full of bees.

An officer responded to a call of a person driving recklessly and decided to pull them over to investigate the matter. Witnesses say the driver was “all over the road.” Upon walking up to the car, the trooper discovered the driver was transporting five hives of bees. The swarming insects were freely flying around the car. No worries though, the driver informed the officers that the bees were just harmless Russian honey bees. Oh, well then never mind…

Bees in car
[Photo credit: Montana Police]

Backup arrived and the driver was removed from the vehicle. Upon further investigation, officers were surprised to learn that the driver didn’t need a permit to transport the bees. While allowing bees to fly freely through a moving vehicle is very unsafe, it is legal.

The driver was issued a citation for careless driving and left the scene with his thousands of bees.

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