This Guy Has So Much Talent, He Plays Metal Band Korn Music Using… Corn

Photo by YouTube/Davie504

Due to the apparent nature of this article, we believe that putting a warning at the beginning is a responsible move because it can get rather, corny. Yeah, yeah, I had a lot of fun with that idea, but we are talking about the Nu-metal band named Korn. They have some of the most awesome guitar and instrumental sequences in the history of metal.

So there’s this one guy on YouTube who was goaded by one of his commenters to do a challenge. That challenge is to play Korn instrumentals using actual corn. Can’t help but feel disappointed at the internet only having thought of this just now. I mean, Korn has been around since 1993, surely one weird fan must have thought about that? Anyway here is some corn playing Korn action, courtesy of YouTuber Davie504.

You have to admit that that was impressive, strumming the metal strings of an electric guitar with a popcorn without breaking it off takes skill. One also has to grip a greasy corn tight enough not to slip when they are bashing drums with it. If that was not enough to pop your corn, then I don’t know what is.

Photo by YouTube/Davie504

Props to Davie504 though, real name Davide Biale. He’s got mad skills with the guitar, check out one of this videos of meme songs using only an electric guitar.

He also does some occasional band covers with some weird and confounded twists, courtesy of his eccentric commenters. Ever heard of Californication? Well here is Basslifornication, thank you eccentric commenter, you have done it again.

By the way, no corn was harmed in the making of this article.

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