Ted Cruz Totally Looks Like This Heavy Metal Star

By now, we’re all familiar with the theory that Ted Cruz is really the Zodiac Killer. But there’s another theory floating around about the far-right Republican politician’s true identity. Is Ted Cruz really the lead singer of the heavy metal band Stryper? We have author Michael Boulerice to thank for pointing out the resemblance:


“I’m not saying Ted Cruz might be the lead singer of Stryper,” Boulerice wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m saying he’s DEFINITELY the lead singer of Stryper.”

But it would seem Michael Sweet, the actual lead singer of the band, disagrees.

“It is so mind boggling at times what goes viral,” Sweet said in a tongue-and-cheek interview with CNN.

“Yesterday morning I woke up and someone said, ‘You know you are the number one trending story on Facebook.’ And I thought to myself what story? Because I didn’t think about that story. I really did not think it was much of anything. And I went and looked and there it was. I don’t think I look anything like Ted Cruz. I am eight years older than Ted. I got long hair.”

As for Mr. Boulerice, well—the media coverage surrounding his meme seems to be a delight.


According to Boulerice’s bio:

“Michael Boulerice is a thirty-five year old writer hailing from coastal Portsmouth, New Hampshire. When he isn’t playing retro video games, wrestling with his dog or enjoying a pint at his favorite local pub, Michael is busy clacking away on his desktop PC in his home office.

“Michael was first noticed by best selling author Tucker Max, who brought Michael on to manage the book signing tour for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, after which he worked as a writer for Tucker’s entertainment company for several years. Michael has spent the years since the company’s dissolution earning money through marketing copy jobs and writing papers for college students, all the while working toward his ultimate goal of becoming a published author.”

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