This Girl Is On Fire: Aryana Sayeed Sings Out for Afghanistan

aryana sayeed

Aryana Sayeed is a force to be reckoned with.  When she sings, women listen, and her songs are about to bring positive change in the Land of Fire.

Sayeed has brought a powerful energy into the Afghan music scene, and people have begun to stand up and take heed. CNN has dubbed her “The Afghan voice that can’t be silenced.” Her appearances in Al-Jazeera, MTV World, and BBC have sent sparks of inspiration and excitement throughout the world, and she is the only Afghan female artist/activist with over 3000,000 fans on Facebook.

Watch the video to her latest single, “Champion”, below:

With the history-making lift of the Taliban ban on music in 2001, revolutionaries like Sayeed have borne the torch for social change in their motherland. Sayeed indeed refuses to be silenced, and uses her songs as a way to call on her fellow countrywomen to stand up, be counted, and be heard. The songstress poured out all her feelings into the song “Lady of The Land of Fire“, which joined the ranks of MTV’s Rebel Music Series as the only Afghan music video in its number. BBC next took notice, and featured on BBC World’s Impact with a special appearance by her — making history once more as the first ever Afghan artist to ever appear on the show. While these milestone events are gems in her career, she feels her biggest accomplishment is that she was able to reach out to a wider audience and share her message through her powerful, compelling lyrics.

Sayeed continues to face detractors and nay-sayers in her career, most often the religious leaders and clerics who continue to embrace the old way of Afghan traditional thinking. However, this does not stop Sayeed in doing what she most believes in, and she absolutely refuses to give up, no matter what.

Watch a special interview with Aryana Sayeed below, courtesy of Tickets Move Mag.

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