YouTube Pranksters Join In ‘Prank It FWD’ Social Good Campaign [Video]

best shift ever #prankitFWD

Some of the top YouTube pranksters are teaming up with for a new social good campaign called “Prank It FWD” which, as the title suggests, involves pranking people with charity and positive vibes.

Said YouTube pranksters will be “turning typical viral YouTube pranks on their head” by releasing hidden camera videos with a social good agenda. The first prank in the “Prank It FWD” series give server Chelsea Roff the “Best Shift Ever” by having customers leave her dramatically high tips, travel vouchers, a job offer, and ultimately a brand new car.

Chelsea’s story is a real tear-jerker. A waitress at Spring Street Smoke House, Chelsea works part time as a server to cover her bills and has managed to put herself through college and successfully obtain custody of her younger sister in order to create a better living environment for the both of them. In light of her own past struggles with an eating disorder, Chelsea has launched a Kickstarter to fund a non-profit to help similarly-ailing women, and has poured much of her own income into fulfilling her charity’s goals.

So yeah, a better candidate to launch this social good project pretty much doesn’t exist.

For every 1000 views each “Prank It FWD” video gets, will donate $1 to the non-profit with a ceiling of $30,000. You can watch’s “Best Shift Ever” video below, and let us know what you think of this social good project in the comments below:

Dusten Carlson
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