ModCloth Employees Rock Swimsuits for Body Diversity


ModClothModCloth is best known for its indie, vintage and vintage-inspired apparel, accessories and home furnishings. It’s become a household name in its own right, and is always on the up-and-up in the name of fun classiness.

Their employees decided to kick it up in promoting their latest line of swimwear by donning the items themselves. Their goal? To show that beauty and confidence comes in all shapes and sizes.

Susan Kroger, the COO of ModCloth, says they did the photoshoot as a reaction to the unrealistic body ideals often displayed in Sports Illustrated. She also joined the fun by posing with the rest of her girls.

That’s her on the left, by the way.

“We’re providing a counterpoint,” Kroger says. “We want women to see these photos and feel good. See them and think, I can totally rock that swimsuit!”

“Self-acceptance is this finicky idea that’s easy to talk about, yet seemingly such a feat to conquer,” shares Christen DiClaudio, merchandise copy editor for ModCloth. “It took a few minutes in front of the camera to realize that by participating in this campaign, I was actually agreeing to recognize and acknowledge my own beauty. It was a powerful moment that completely changed me for the better.”

And the response? The response has been nothing but overwhelming and heartwarming. Social media was abuzz with viewers who chimed in and related with at least one of the women in the spread who had a similar body type to theirs. Twitter and Facebook statuses popped up with phrases like “I’m the blonde!” or “that redhead’s like me!”

Body diversity and representation matters, and these ladies at ModCloth know how to do it right. Confidence is key, and self-acceptance is the cornerstone for a better change. For this we salute you, ModCloth Ladies! Keep on keeping on, rock those outfits, and change the world.


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