This Dapper Bunny is an Instagram Dream Come True

We’re right smack-dab in the middle of the week. How has it been to you? If the going’s gotten tougher than usual, and you need a breather, let this dapper bunny be your chill.

* んぉ?(๑°⌓°๑) 2秒キョトンの後、めちゃくちゃにキックされます? * *

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Meet PuiPui, or “mumitan” on Instagram. This adorable mocha sponge cake of a bunny is a Holland Lop, and will be your brand-new Cute of The Week on your Instagram dashboard.


He’s taking a shot at your heart! Let those warm, happy feelings develop, and kiss the negatives goodbye.

He’s the CEO of the Cute department, and he’s going to make you interest grow exponentially.

First love never fades. *wipes tear from eye*

* My little man ?? ママおちっこしたいから降ろしてぉ * (; ・`д・´) !!!! * *

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In the service of Queen/King and Country — that means You and your Insta-feed.

Give him the royal treatment. GIVE IT TO HIM.

* Your Majesty, King Pui? ぷい陛下のおでましだぉ(๑⁼̴̀д⁼̴́๑) * *

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This look makes us want to say “I do, I do”!

* "Can't take my eyes off you?" 君の瞳に恋してるぉ? * *

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