“104-Year-Old” Dapper Granddad Gives Us Life [Photos]

Forget handlebar mustaches, monocles, and canes. Forget everything the hipster gents cruising down Williamsburg on their fixie bikes have taught you about dressing to the nines. This dapper granddad knows what real style looks like.

Meet Günther Krabbenhöft. Günther goes about his daily business dressed sportingly sharper than most folks we know. As far as we know, swag’s got nothing on his everyday style.

[source: ilcolorblu.com]
Photographer Björn Akstinat of the street style blog Schickaa.com has photographed Günther in front of the Kotbusser Tor station in Berlin. this he says of his put-together subject: “Günther is one of the most fashionable men in Berlin. In the moment photos of him go viral in the internet. Some assume that he is over 100 years old. That’s nonsense, of course.”

[source: Schickaa.com]
If this sartorial senior isn’t really in the prime of his 100’s, just how old is he? His age has become a topic of friendly debate online. While a number of sources incorrectly report his age to be 104, Günther says on his Facebook profile that the Internet has “doubled” his age. A number of sources may as well hit closer to home and report his age to be anywhere from his mid-60’s to his early 80’s. However young the Internet thinks he is, it makes him chuckle goodnaturedly.

“I find that I dress pretty normal,” Günther shares with Björn Akstinat. “I’ve always dressed like this. When I went to work, when I go to exercise. I want to look at myself with joy. It’s also always a reflection of my inner self.”

Words of wisdom every style-savvy person needs to live by.

[Source: Koonepics]




Ever since the zeitgeist of the aughts, the Internet has turned an adoring eye to seniors with an unmistakable, irrevocable, and imperturbable sense of style. the street style blog “Advanced Style” by Ari Seth Cohen (with now its own book and documentary) shines the spotlight on such regal figures, giving us a lesson or two on aging gracefully and being the ultimate, glorious expression of one’s self.

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