These Sweet Bunnies Have Their Own Twitter Account (You Should Probably Follow Them, Too)


Do you love bunnies? Can’t get enough of them? do you love looking at their fluffly cheeks, their plump,lush bodies, their curious faces, their wiggly noses, and the most adorable tails ever? Do you have bunny slippers, bunny-ear headbands, bunny ‘jammies… and practically almost bunny everything?

Boy, have we found the Twitter account just for you.

Netizen and Twitter user @evo3138 has been tweeting the daily lives of her four rabbits, and its got her users squeeing and squealing “kawaii!” with every fresh post. “Nao”‘s account is 5,000 users strong and counting, because you just can’t stop the cuteness.

It’s time to meet the four fab bunnie-buns! From top left, say hello to Potato, Koishi, Marron and Kurumi.

These bunnies are a great addition to your daily cuteness nutritive allowance, right from the tip of their nosie-noses:

… down to the end of their wiggly-waggly cotton tails.

What’s sweeter than a cute little bunny in a flower crown?

Two sweet bunnies in adorable flower crowns! Two!

The cuteness! I absolutely cannot even!

With these bunnies on your Twitter feed, you’ll be up all night to get lucky.

There’s Cute Me, and then there’s Cute Mini-Me.

“If I go vewy, vewy quiet, maybe they won’t notice.”

What ho! Who goeth there in yon tweet? Why, it be Sir Snuggly, defender of all things lovely and bright, radiant upon his gallant steed!

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