This Shih Tzu’s Hairstyles on Instagram Will Thrill You

Glamorous dogs make the grade in many different ways: menswear, hairstyles, accessories, the works. This new pup on the block is here to make waces with her locks, and is killin’ it on Instagram.

Meet Kuma. Kuma is a Shih Tzu and Pekingese mix who enjoys a new hairstyle everyday — as well as 20,000 Instagram followers. It’s all thanks to her silky tresses and her daily creative ‘dos.

Whether she’s sporting pigtails…

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

Or a bonny sidetail…

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

… or holiday braids, Kuma’s got that flair.

ありがとう羊年? #今年の年賀状 #コレでした

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

Aren’t her glitzy buns so sweet?

Kuma is matsuri-ready with this classy bun and hair ornament.

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

She makes this flower crown so perfect.

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on


A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

Her tresses are giving us life.

All this glamour doesn’t come easy. Shih Tzu’s need daily brushing to prevent clumping and tangles. It’s best to start this brushing habit from a very early age to get your Shih Tzu used to this level of grooming. You may also need an array of brushes and combs, along with hair products tailor-made to give your dog’s coat the shine and strength it deserves.

Bathing is best done once a week, or any time that a bath is in order. Using a baby tub is best for a Shih Tzu; keep handy a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of conditioner, as well as a liter or to of water to dilute these to keep the formulation gentle.

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