This Christmas Card Prank Takes The Cake on Twitter


This prank is one for the books.

Christmas is a time of celebration, of gift-giving, and cheer. As for the definition of “cheer”… Well, your mileage may vary.

Morgan Svobodny is just a regular teenager who enjoys fashion and hangs out with her pals. and then her brother Zach took his awesome photoshop skills and changed her life for the better. Sort of. Maybe. Kinda?

He photoshopped her into what looks like a tight Bae hug with rapper Chief Keef on a Christmas card as a prank. And boy, was she livid on Twitter.

And if that wasn’t enough, check out what the card reads:

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and are looking forward to making 2017 even better. This year has treated me fantastic!

Since September, I’ve been in a very serious relationship with an amazing guy named Keith Cozart, a famous rapper who some of you may know as Chief Keef. He has many hit songs that you’ve probably heard, such as “That’s The Shit I Don’t Like,” “I Hate Being Sober” and “These Bitches Love Sosa.” Keith is an amazing guy with a lot going for him and this is the happiest I’ve been in at least 6 months! I dropped out of college last month because I found out that I’m pregnant and I’m pretty sure Keith is the dad (not positive though). Keith and I plan on moving to Atlanta in March and we couldn’t be more excited!!

Best wishes to you all in 2017!!

P.S. Bang Bang

Okay, calm down just a little bit, Zach. It doesn’t help that you’ve probably given your grandparents and the rest of the family conniptions over this.

Though Twitter did have a good laugh over it.

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