Reddit User, Roommates Win Christmas Cards Forever

housemates christmas cards

Thanks to social media, we get delighted by Christmas stuff that isn’t same old, same old — and weirdly, a lot of this stuff seems to come from single male housemates, like this Reddit Christmas card getting all the karma right now.

Over on Reddit’s r/funny, u/LoveRage shows us a Christmas card of wonder, delight … and bros.

In a thread titled “Every year my housemates and I make a xmas card, this year I think we outdid ourselves,” he later explains how the Christmas card wonder happens:

“Photoshop and making sure we had the right lighting and angle for the shot. Max (the one everyone thinks looks like Aaron Paul) is the talent one who did all the Photoshop.”

OP has not yet ponied up with previous efforts for the readers of r/funny yet, but we think this is the best Reddit Christmas card so far this year. Have you spotted anything cuter on the social web?

Kim LaCapria

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