This Car Ride With Conan O’Brien Shows How Awkward Tom Cruise Really Is

Some people think that, outside of a decent film career, in real life Tom Cruise seems like a strange guy. Makes sense, too if you think about it. Acting since a child, famous as a teen and just never looked back and never had a normal life so his definition of “normal” and ours are very different. I won’t even touch on the Scientology thing, you know what I am talking about, just weird.

The Oprah couch incident was weird, yelling at Matt Lauer was weird. This car ride around London talk show host Conan O’Brien takes with Tom Cruise to just talk about ‘stuff’ just shows you how out-of-touch Tom Cruise is with real life, and how hard it is for him to relate to “us” normal folks. Also, weird.

I know “awkward” was sort of the angle they were going for, but you can tell that some of it is genuine and kind of uncomfortable at times, intro aside.

See for yourself:

God bless Conan, though, who is a trained professional and has done thousands of celeb interviews that are hilarious and informative. You can tell he is trying to troll Cruise a bit here and that makes it even worse, yet better if that makes sense?  But getting anything funny or entertaining from Cruise just seems like an impossible feat for someone of even his caliber of talent.

It’s all just very awkward, but at least Conan seems to know and play that up (listen to his tone before Cruise gets in car, it is like Conan already knows this is gonna be like pulling teeth), but like all good entertainers, he plays along and just keeps it all moving, literally!

But the cringe factor here is a high 9.




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