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Social Media Best Practices: 5 Tips to Improve Marketing

Social media marketing strategies need to be changed or revised from time to time for them to stay relevant in this fast-changing digital world. Trends change with each coming year and adapting to those changes is of the utmost importance for laying out a successful digital marketing campaign. On that note, let’s take a look […]

7 Trending Apps for Writers in 2017

There is a great diversity of apps available for writers who work on their laptops or mobile devices, from simple text editors to fully featured writing software suites. You can find an app that will help you take notes, write an essay, work on a fiction novel, or perform any other creative task. Even a […]

Into the Upside Down: Stranger Things Games

More than a year has passed since the Duffer Brothers turned the TV world upside down. Their Netflix original series, Stranger Things, became an instant classic. Steeped in 1980s pop culture, the throwback sci-fi show earned a plethora of accolades and traditional television show awards. Season 2 is due this Halloween, and it aims to […]

5 Ways to Engage More Viewers with Social Media Videos

Videos have become a fixture on social media, and more people watch more hours of videos consistently with every passing year. Brands have quickly caught on to the benefits of videos, and one in particular has driven them to wholeheartedly embrace videos: Engagement. The fact that videos are able to provide higher engagement levels that […]

Unique Digital Marketing to Grow Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the least expensive means of marketing. It tends to have a long-term payoff more so than an immediate impact and is best utilized alongside other strategies that are more direct. PPC and banner ads are good examples, where display ad costs tend to be lower because they are measured in […]

The Best Apps for Tracking Your Investments

Staying on top of your investments can be difficult, especially when you are always on the go and have a busy schedule. There are several apps, however, that make it easy to monitor changes in your investment portfolio. The following is a list of some of the best apps that can track the price and […]

Social Media Mistakes Divorcing Couples Should Avoid

Going through a divorce can be tough for any couple. While women are often portrayed as the most affected in this situation, the men too can experience an emotional turmoil. Each spouse may have their own way of coping with the process such as talking with close friends or a therapist but it has also […]

Why Young People are Using Social Media to Brag About Their Crimes

Social media has made leaps and bounds in terms of connecting people and expressing personal views. In recent years, businesses have started taking advantage of social networking sites to promote their products and services and engage with their customers. Amid these positive developments, however, there’s a growing concern on how social media is being used […]