Best iOS Apps for Improving Your Health

Staying fit and healthy is what everyone of us always wishes to. If you fail to take care of your health, it will be prone to all sorts of disease and ailments. One of the best ways you can take care of your health and cultivate healthy habits is to through the smartphone apps. How do smartphone apps help you stay healthy? Well, by letting you control your diet and other habits. We will concentrate on the best iOS apps that would help you improve your health in the best possible way.

6 Best iOS apps that Help You Improve Your Health

An unhealthy diet is what can cost your health dearly. There are plenty of apps on iOS that double up as your personal coach or even as a food trainer. Since they are always with you, they can be efficient coaches for all your requirements. We have handpicked 6 best iOS apps that go a long way in letting you improve your health.

Calorie Counter

As the name of the app itself indicates, you can track the calories you have consumed with the help of this app. In fact, it can be your best pal in your quest for the weight loss regime.

You will have access to a community of health-conscious people. You can have discussions on the tips to improve your health or other topics like gaining or losing weight. There are over 300 exercises that you can learn through the app, You also get the number of calories you can burn after each of those exercises.


Your diet is your key to your good health. There is a few kind of food that improves your health and enhances your immune system. If you want to check which food is good and which is not, Lifesum is an app that helps in that venture.

If you want to stay healthy, you need to consider tracking your food intake. A healthy food is the one that contains nature’s own balance of vitamins, protein, and other nutrients. Nature’s own product line up offers you the latest in nutritional science to provide you the best ever nutrition Whether you are looking to gain or lose weight, Lifesum can lend a helping hand in the most positive way. You need to enter the details of the food you have just eaten and the app offers you useful inputs and tips you need to follow to stay healthy.

10 Daily Exercises

Also referred to as 10DE, the app lets you learn exercises for free. Go through the tips and recommendations offered by the app and you can improve your health by following the tips.

The interface is quite easy to follow. If you find any exercise a little tough to follow, you can just skip it. In fact, you can choose among the three difficulty levels that would suit your build and ability. Once you get used to the regular exercises, you can always go a step forward and attempt higher difficulty levels. The app follows a calendar module to track your exercise regime. Each of the workouts has an animation to help you out.


This is the most popular fitness app for both Android and iOS. It works both as a Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker.
The amazing number of over 5 million food items included in the database is what would make it one of the best diet trackers you would ever come across. Whatever you eat, it is most probably found in the database and you would be able to track it. The barcode scanner embedded within the app would make it possible to track even the packaged food.

Weight Watchers

If you are looking to improve your health, Weight Watchers should be the best to track your weight loss regime. It lets you share your progress with your friends.

The app also doubles up as a means of tracking your food intake. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch. The app is free to download and use. We would advise you to subscribe to the online portal of Weight Watchers so that you can make the most out of it.

Map My Run

Map My Run can be considered to be one of the best when it comes to the fitness apps available on iOS platform. It offers a suite of features in a single app.

It can track running and workout tasks based on GPS. In addition, it doubles up as a calorie counter as well. You can get a detailed summary of your workout regime on the app. The calorie counter ability may not be at par with the other better apps out there, including the ones we have already featured here, but the multifaceted functionality is what would make it one of the best options.

And Finally…

Health apps or the apps that help you improve your health are really aplenty on iOS. The six best apps that we have listed here should serve as a representative list to meet your needs. Millions of people around the world have been using it and can vouch for them.

Try out the apps featured here and find myriad ways to improve your health.


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