Using Pinterest To Increase SEO: A Simple Guide For Business Owners

Pinterest is a great way for website owners to increase their online presence. While the social network is mostly seen as a platform for sharing recipes, baby pictures and various other types of creative posts, it can also help other website owners spread their message while increasing search engine optimization (SEO).

So how exactly can you use Pinterest more effectively for SEO purposes? According to the team at Original Ginger Pinterest posts need to be highly optimized. For example, each post should use relevant hashtags (#) which explain the posts main focus.

The infographic also suggests that users watermark images they own to produce a sense of branding for each share they receive.

Pinterest marketers should also pay close attention to the keywords they use in describing their Pinterest pins while including a backlink to their websites content.

For a full list of Pinterest posting and SEO tips check out the full infographic:

Increase Pinterest Pins


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