Bazaart Social App Helps You Turn Pinterest Boards Into Amazing Collages

A new startup company called Bazaart offers Pinterest users the unique ability to create artistic collages using their Pinterest boards.

Bazaart is a free, iPad-exclusive app that allows Pinterest users to create amazing collages from Pinterest boards. To prevent what they call “empty canvas angst,” i.e. starting from a blank canvas, Bazaart allows its users to restyle collages made by others. The app also has great social integration, allowing users to share their collages on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, and allows collages to be saved to the iPad’s camera roll. A “like” button has also been added recently.

“Our goal is to make Bazaart collage creation as easy and as fun as possible. In this version, we introduced the ‘Restyle’ functionality and we continue to work relentlessly on improving the Bazaart experience. Everybody using Bazaart should be able to make a killer collage without sweating it,” says Stas Goferman, Bazaart’s CEO.

We recently talked to Gili Golander, the Style Director and co-founder of Bazaart, to get more clarification on what the app does.

SocialNewsDaily: What do you consider the practical appeal of Bazaart to be? i.e., who was it designed to attract, how is it designed to stay relevant among users?

Gili Golander: Many people, predominately women, use Pinterest today to collect the things that inspire them. They have already done the labor of love of curating these images, but seeing how things mix and match together can be challenging on Pinterest. With Bazaart,you can create a beautiful, artistic looking, collage from your Pinterest pins in seconds, with just two fingers and an iPad: add images, remove the background, rotate, resize, and reposition. You share it with you friends and family and become the star of the day. Plus, you can browse collages created by others and get inspired. Bazaart is a fun new way to discover beautiful things and creative people.

We are constantly improving the app, focusing heavily on the user experience and on helping our users create awesome looking collages, without sweating it.

SND: How do you attract users?

GG: We attract our users in organic ways: we have active social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and of course Pinterest, which is our main traffic source. People see the Bazaart collages on Pinterest and become intrigued as to how these were created, they click on the image and reach our website. It’s a very natural discovery channel. We also work hard on making our AppStore images and text appealing and refresh them on every single upgrade.

SND: Is this iPad exclusive? Are there plans for smartphone application down the road?

GG: Currently we are available only on iPads, but in 2013 we plan to expand to other platforms, and a smartphone app is definitely one of our top priorities.

All the necessaries:

You can check out Bazaart’s website here, and their blog here. Connect with Bazaart on Pinterest here, Twitter here, and Facebook here. Of if you’re convinced, jump right to downloading Bazaart to your iPad at the iTunes store here. It’s free, so what have you got to lose?

Check out our Bazaart gallery below:

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