This App Promises To Create The Perfect Instagram Caption

Rubric instagram caption

After thirty selfies, you and your friend finally find the perfect one. You open Instagram. Edit and find the perfect filter. Time for a caption. You want something funny, clever and cute, but you can’t think of the perfect caption.

A new app is now available to give you the perfect Instagram caption for all of your photos. From selfies to food, Rubric uses computer vision technology to generate a caption to match your image. Whether you want to be witty, sarcastic or inspirational, Rubric has you covered.

The creator of Rubric, Amber Atherton tells The Telegraph that her idea from the app came from her knack for creating captions.

“I used to have a long note going on my iPhone that I’d update regularly with caption ideas and everyone asked me to caption their photo,” said Atherton. “People would text me photos all day asking for caption ideas and it just got to the point where i was like ‘OK I’m gonna build a visual recognition system and embed machine learning to solve this problem in a more scalable way’.”

So, how does Rubric work? First, you upload the photo to the app. It will then use computer vision technology to decipher what is in the photo, such as food or pets. Rubric will then give you a list of options that include the discovered keyword. These captions range from quotes to song lyrics and everything in between.

rubric instagram caption

While we have not tested it out yet, The Telegraph gave Rubric a test run and the results were a bit mixed. Take for instance, this picture of the Queen getting into a car.

All results aside, Rubric is still gaining popularity/ In three days it has been downloaded more than 7,000 times. What do you think? Will you be downloading Rubric?

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