When Wikipedia Captions Get Silly

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Love it or hate it, for better or worse, Wikipedia is here to stay. Hailed with being one of the main culprits of bringing the demise of the printed encyclopedia (as well as sending their salespeople running for the hills), the esteemed reference site has had its fair share of mishaps and laughs. Yes, laughs.

Whether they’re intentional or unintentional, you know these captions are worth a chuckle or two. It’s quite possible these captions are all gone and edited (Hello, user-based editing), but here, have some laughs for posterity’s sake.

Because candy is serious business.


And face it, at that age, so is a hot dog. That’s serious snack with all the trimmings!


Because cardamom and saffron are overrated.


Ahh, yes. The freedom of laziness. Teach us your ways, O Great Bovine of the Fields.


I, a duck expert, can verify this to be true.


It so happens that I am also undubitably an expert of Cute, and I can say that the media is 100% accurate on this judgment call.


For the hipster cat who liked bandannas before they were cool.


You can either see this (1) “ugh, that is so 1997”, or (2) “Oh cool, that is so 1997!” The ’90s are making a comeback, haven’t you heard?


Or yeah, like, totally, whatever.


… Left of what?


And a stalwart, glorious, heroic leg it is.


Because candles just ain’t cutting it anymore.


His mustache game strong.


“‘Coz it’s a party up in dis boat, and we about to get crunk! #YOLO”


I… think I missed this episode on Nick. I’m sure I would’ve remembered.


Aaah, yes. Thank you, Wikipedia. My life is now so much richer with this knowledge.


By the way, students, did you know there’s actually a way to get a proper reference out of Wikipedia without your professors going insane mad on your paper? Now you know.

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