‘King Of Instagram’ Outrages Social Media With This International Women’s Day Post

king of instagram

Yesterday the world celebrated women with International Women’s Day. Social media was flooded with tributes to females everywhere. However, one Instagram post has created quite the backlash.

The “King Of Instagram”, also known as Dan Bilzerian, is no stranger to controversy on social media. But his horribly timed post on International Women’s Day has created quite a backlash and has many criticizing his poor choice of words.

A group of nude women in his photos is no surprise, but the women being used as a table was what crossed the line. The caption read “It’s #internationalwomensday be thankful, they are good for so many things!” Several Bilzerian fans threw out their normal praises, such as “I wish I had your life.” or “I’m jealous.” However, within those 17,000 comments, rage ensued.


Another supporter of International Women’s Day said: “Women are so valuable, and not for use them as a table @DanBilzerian”


These outrageous poorly timed post comes just days after the ‘King of Instagram’ posted a photo of a bikini clad woman riding an endangered tortoise.

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