These Responses To the RNC’s Tweets Selling MAGA Gear Are Too Funny Not To Share

GOP Tweet Selling MAGA Gear

The RNC, or the Republican National Committee, is responsible for promoting the Republican political platform and organizing fundraisers for the GOP. They’re basically a glorified booster club and have taken to social media to sell MAGA hats, shirts, and even dog leashes. Not only did they take advantage of Black Friday, but National Puppy Day, Mother’s Day, and practically any other significant day we recognize in this country. It has gotten to the point where the RNC is being referred to as Trump’s personal QVC network, and their tweets have become flooded with comments by those who aren’t so happy with our president or his policies. Check out some of these hilarious responses to the RNC’s recent Black Friday sale tweet.

Going Out Of Business

“Going out of business sale?” Unfortunately, it’s not. If it were, then we’d probably be looking at impeachment or at the very least a promising Democratic presidential candidate. Here’s to hoping they won’t be manufacturing any more of their MAGA gear come 2020.

Conflict Of Interest

“Sure, no conflict of interest going on here. When exactly did the GOP sell their souls?” I’m going to say it was sold the moment they allowed a washed-up reality TV star with absolutely no background in politics to run for president. If we need five years of experience to apply to entry-level positions that offer a salary nowhere near a living wage, then the people running for political office should also.

Official Trump Retailer

“And there was me thinking the @GOP were a ‘professional’, 164 year old political party, not an official Trump retailer. But what does a Scot know of American politics.” Even the Scottish are commenting on the fact that selling MAGA gear is pretty shady. Don’t we give our government enough of our hard earned money? We should be getting this kind of crap for free every time we go vote. Lord knows we pay more than our fair share of taxes and they can afford it.

The GOP Has A Deal For You

“Do you enjoy having children and grandchildren who never speak to you? Do you enjoy a side of spit in every restaurant meal you order? Can you even afford to eat at restaurants since Trump has failed to get your factory job back? Well, the GOP has a deal for you!” This guy’s thread of comments on the RNC’s tweet is just too good to even comment on. You just have to go read them for yourself. You won’t regret it!

GOP Online Store

“So the GOP is no longer a political party but an online store. Got it.” It’s not very clear on their website, but there is a small amount of text that mentions profits from all sales are considered a donation to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee. What they do with that money is nowhere to be found. Buying a MAGA hat from them might mean you’re funding Trump’s daily spray tan or his long distance calls to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Trump’s Chinese Made Swag

“The GOP hawking Trump’s Chinese made swag on its official Twitter page. Beyond disgusting, beyond ethics, beyond the pale.” At least they’re giving more jobs to the people. The Chinese people. We all know how hard it is to find work over there.

Discount Code COLLUSION

“What does the code COLLUSION get me? Any stylish impeachment wear?” If you think about it, the GOP would probably make more money right now selling impeachment gear than any of this MAGA crap. Anyone who is still dumb enough to support Trump can’t afford this merch anyway. They’re getting the knockoffs straight from the source in China from Amazon and eBay.

Impeachment Sale

“I’ll wait til the after-impeachment sale when everything is 80% off. I’ll need some rags to clean my toilets.” Even at 80 percent off, the prices are too high for the garbage the GOP is selling. On top of the fact that it’s all made in China for pennies, these kinds of products have an expiration date on them. Come 2020, we’ll hopefully have a new president in office who will make all of this MAGA gear irrelevant.

The Stormy Daniels Collection

“Anything from the @StormyDaniels collection?” Stormy Daniels might not be selling her merch on the GOP’s website, but she’ll likely get her hands on most of the proceeds once she’s had her day in court. To put into perspective just how wrong it is that the GOP is selling MAGA gear, I just spent a few minutes on Daniels’ website and she doesn’t sell any of this kind of promo gear for sale. That’s right. An adult film star who could easily throw her face on some shirts to make an extra buck hasn’t while our government is doing everything they can to take more money from the people in our country. Just think about that for a minute.

The Word “Black”

“Surprised the GOP would use the word ‘black’ in any of its marketing campaigns. This will not make the deplorable branch happy.” This guy got it all wrong. The GOP can use the word “black” however they’d like, as long as the words “lives matter” don’t follow it. (See what I did there?) Especially when it comes to making money, the deplorable branch will use whatever word or combination of words that will get them paid.

MAGA Gear Return Policy

“What’s your return policy? America has a Trump item that is damaged and fits very poorly that we don’t want anymore.” Just like we can’t get a refund on Trump, those who purchase MAGA gear from the GOP’s website can’t get a refund either. They consider all purchases a donation to their cause, whatever that is these days. If you receive your order and don’t like the quality of it, since it was made in China, you’re SOL. (That’s shit outta luck for those who aren’t familiar with the acronym.) You can, however, exchange it for something else as long as you can do it within 14 days.

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