Flight Passenger’s ‘Terrorist’ Snapchat Selfie Sparks Terror Aboard Airplane

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Photo by India Today

If there’s one thing we young people love to do in spades, it’s probably selfies. Oh yes, indeed, people love selfies, in fact, a lot of them even died doing so, because vanity! Needless to say, people will go great lengths for dangerous selfies. One of the most recent examples happened in India where a young man did a Snapchat selfie in the airplane with a very terror-filled cool kid caption.


Yogvedant Poddar is a 21-year-old Indian man who is pretty much like most people in his generation. He loves selfies, he loves Snapchat, and he loves being ignorant about airplane safety etiquette. So when he boarded a Jet Airways flight, he thought to do a selfie because he is cool. However, his seatmate was too close and was able to see his caption, “Terrorist on flight, I destroy women’s hearts.”


You could say that it was Poddar’s seatmate’s fault for being too nosy, but no, Poddar actually covered half his face with a handkerchief while taking the selfie with the said caption. Naturally, this attracted attention. So one of the passengers panicked and alerted the cabin crew, believing that Poddar was a threat.


Of course, the crew could not take their chances, so Poddar got deplaned and was detained for 10 hours because he made a serious bomb joke. There, Poddar was questioned extensively until the authorities were sure that he had no terrorist links. Turns out, the young man just wanted to show off to his friends by imitating a terrorist on a plane, the smart lad.

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