The Science of Hangry (Or Why You Get Angry Hungry)


Picture this: It’s been a tough start of the day for you, dealing with the infernal traffic, wading through a pile of social media jobs that needed to be done yesterday, and non-stop phone calls that seem to just get more and more inane with every minute. to make matters worse, you feel your tummy start to rumble. You know you’re a generally patient person — so why is your “Employee of the Year” Mug smashed on the wall next to your colleague’s very nervous face?


Sit down, have some chocolate, and listen up. You’re hangry. Here’s why.

We know that eating is good for you, because it’s the body’s natural of replenishing vitamins, nutrients and materials to break down into simple sugars — amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose. Now glucose is actually a key player to keep your brain on its best behavior. In fact, Your brain is largely dependent on glucose to help it help you stay a rational, functional, and generally pleasant person.


Now, as time passes, the body’s glucose levels drop. Using up all that glucose also makes our brains, that three-pound white-matter pilot of the body, make a lot of unstable decisions — we loose focus, we make simple or silly mistakes, or even end up slurring our speech.

Now the glucose drops to abysmal levels, though…


As grown-ups, we do our best to cobble together enough will-power to keep being generally pleasant and be socially acceptable, such as not snapping at people. but when you’re really hungry? That gets a lot harder to do. It’s essentially your brain sending out panic signals, thinking it’s in a life-threatening situation. Hello, surge of adrenaline, the “fight or flight” hormone. Put your dukes up, World, this person’s about to open a can of Hangry Whoop-@ss.


Life-threatening, indeed.

So, please, for the good of everyone you care about (specially yourself), it’s always a good idea to have some crackers, snacks, or candy on your person. Because indeed, you’re just not yourself when your hangry.

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