The New Hillary Clinton Pac-Man Commercial Is Worth Your Time

The Hillary Clinton Pac-Man commercial is hilarious and totally worth your time, just another little nugget from the Trump campaign.

hillary clinton pac-man

As the election season heats up even more with the possibility debates looming in the near future and a new satirical Donald Trump hashtag trending every single day on Twitter, the Trump campaign is probably feeling the pressure to blast their opposition; enter the Hillary Clinton Pac-Man commercial. The video is supposed to show the FBI chasing Clinton in an attempt to dig up her lost emails. It’s a funny little bit and you can watch the clip below.

But you have to wonder how effective this rhetoric is going to be. In terms of beating a dead horse, we’ve seen Hillary’s emails posted on every billboard, plastered on bumper stickers and tattooed across Trump supporter’s foreheads. If I were Trump’s campaign I’d try to dig for more dirt. And probably dig for dirt that sticks a little better.

I don’t really know what to say about this the Hillary Clinton Pac-Man commercial except that I love how much this election is descending into anarchy. Both parties had to surround their conventions with more cops than the population of Norway. And still both elections erupted, Cruz getting booed, Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down in the wake of a scandal.

The Hillary Clinton Pac-Man commercial might seem silly, just like the #TrumpYourself campaign seemed silly but this is an election season where silly is the currency. Where a caricature of politics in America is battling the queen of politics in America and votes count less than Facebook posts. What a time to be alive.

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