What In The Hell Are The #TrumpOlympics?

I don’t know what Twitter users (or us over here at SocialNewsDaily) will do if Donald Trump loses the election and fades from the national consciousness. I can only imagine the the comedians will be out voting for him by the hundreds in anticipation of all the jokes they’ll be able to make if he becomes president. #TrumpOlympics is just the most recent hashtag to feature the man who has been referred to as everything from America’s savior to America’s damnation. Just look at him eating fast food with a fork.

Donald Trump and Twitter definitely have a love/hate relationship. It seems that for every Democrat or left-leaning Tweeter (is that the correct pronoun?) out to trash the billionaire, there’s also a conservative-minded user who loves nothing more than God, guns & Trump. The man himself has made headlines about one a week for his own antics on the site, which include congratulating himself after the Orlando massacre, re-tweeting a white supremacy post and enough more to write a book. The most recent hashtag that’s been trending on Twitter is #TrumpOlympics and the suggestions for events are nothing short of hilarious. The hashtag seems to have been started by the Huffington Post’s comedy account.

Trump is actually a master of the duckface.

These pictures are great.

And I don’t know who came up with this image of Trump and Putin shirtless on a horse but they deserve a medal of their own

Featured Image: [Flickr/Brad]

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