Hillary Clinton’s Email Problem Hasn’t Gone Away, It’s Gotten Worse

Hillary Clinton

Democrats continue to ignore the massive liability that is Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.


At the first Democratic debate of the primary race, Bernie Sanders said the country was “sick and tired of hearing about [Hillary Clinton’s] damn emails.” And yet here we are, four months from the Democratic National Convention, and that scandal hasn’t gone away. Respect due to my colleagues at Reverb Press, but claiming the FBI found “nothing” troubling during their ongoing investigation is partisanship at its worst. We can also thank The Washington Post and other mainstream outlets for running prematurely dismissive opinion pieces like “Clinton emails continue to be non-scandal, disappointing Republicans.”

We believe these stories (or more accurately, these headlines) not only because we want them to be true, but because the other side wants desperately to believe they aren’t true. Partisanship has consumed critical thinking like Chris Christie consumes bacon grease (would you have laughed had the joke been at Michael Moore’s expense?).

So which is it? Is Clinton in big trouble over the emails or not? The fact of the matter is we don’t know yet, and that should be troubling Democrats more than it is. To believe the FBI, who are devoting extensive resources to their investigation, are merely playing Republican politics is to deny reality, something those of us on the left have grown too accustomed to doing.

Imagine the disaster of a Clinton indictment during the general election.

And yet liberal bloggers, columnists, and pundits are weary of touching the story lest they be labeled heretics by their own. Clinton’s email scandal is so smothered by Republican lies and Democratic denial that nary a glimpse of the unappealing truth can be seen: nobody but the FBI knows who, if anybody, will be charged with what—but they aren’t sicking 147 agents on the case for nothing.

Just how valid are the accusations against Hillary Clinton? And what’s the controversy about, anyway? Did she really do anything wrong? A thoroughly researched, non-partisan, fact-based breakdown of the entire scandal can be read here. You are free to draw your own conclusion. One thing, however, is clear: Hillary Clinton’s email problem hasn’t gone away, it’s gotten worse.

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