The Movement Of Guitar Strings In Real Time Is Pretty Awesome [Video]


Modern technology has made the impossible things possible. Like, the other day when a German photographer was able to use the newest Nikon Coolpix camera to zoom in on the moon and the results were breathtaking. Now, video has surfaced of guitar strings being strummed in real time.

So, what is so special about this, you might be asking. Well, when a guitar string is strummed it created a squiggly, wavelength movement. This movement is unseen to the naked eye using a camera because of the camera’s shutter. But, this latest video uses a special shutter speed that makes this movement visible and it is incredible! It also explains how this is made possible.

All we got out of that was “the speed of the sweep line is controlled in accordance with the pitch of the strings.” And, we aren’t even sure what it means. We just know that it is extremely cool!

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Kokou Adzo

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