The Dog Cheese Challenge Will Soon Replace Beer Pong as the Ultimate Party Game

The Dog Cheese Challenge Will Soon Replace Beer Pong as the Ultimate Party Game

Pet challenges are the internet at its best, and just when we thought the Snoot Challenge couldn’t be topped, along comes the Dog Cheese Challenge.

Combining two of our favourite things – dogs and cheese – the Dog Cheese Challenge is a surprisingly entertaining way to spend an evening. The rules are simple: cheese must land on the pupper, although what happens next is beyond any human’s control.

Will the doggo eat the cheese? Will it do him or her a heckin’ confuse? The only way to find out is to give the game a go.

The Dog Cheese Challenge seems to have been invented by Matthew Elias, who tweeted: “Fuck beer pong, we playin dog cheese.” Although, he seemed far more excited about the concept than his dog was.

Now, lots of people are giving the Dog Cheese Challenge a whirl

Even cats are getting involved

God bless the internet.

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