Scientific Effects That Take Place When A Man Grows A Beard

They say, “it’s a science behind everything.” Well, that includes beards.. too.

scientific effect
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As you have noticed by now, probably – beards are trending.

Ask any guy who has ever bearded up, and they will inform you that life totally alters once you adopt and release your inner werewolf. You feel different. People (women, especially) look at you differently. As a whole, sprouting a beard has an impact upon one’s life that is borderline dramatic.

Why though? Why does emerging a little hair on your face markedly shift your life around so? Perhaps, due to the physical scientific effects covertly behind it.

scientific effects
via Pinterest; Beards, alter persons’ opinions about you … isn’t it obvious! Studies determine that men with beards are generally regarded as more dominant, masculine, and socially mature

When it comes to assessing trends in general, to the majority of people surveyed a nice, healthy beard makes a male appear more attractive; research shows.

The NY Times refers to a University of Queensland study, where 8,000+ heterosexual women were surveyed regarding men’s attractiveness.

Results diverged, naturally — with 5 o’clock shadows being seen as more ideal one-night stand propositions — whereas males with fuller beards were evaluated as better long-term partners. On average, though, the majority of surveyed females preferred men donning a little (or, a lot of) scruff.

scientific effects
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For those that think or believe that beards are unsanitary bacteria traps – well, think again.

A published Journal of Hospital Infection study retrieved samples from 408 male hospital workers, both without beards and with. According to the Independent, it was discovered that clean-shaven faces were 3 times more likely to be ferrying MRSA — than hairy ones!

Why? Shaving forms micro-abrasions in the skin, and these tiny cuts make perfect bacterial breeding zones.

The study too found that beards may contain a form of bacteria-killing-bacteria which could possibly be formulated into formidable new antibiotics.

via Izismile; So in a nutshell . . .  beards rule!


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